Producing wooden cutting boards for domestic market and export

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Producing wooden cutting boards for domestic market and export

Cuong Quoc Phat Co., Ltd is a company with many years of experience operating in the field of manufacturing wooden cutting boards for domestic and export markets.

Wooden cutting boards have long been one of the indispensable items in the kitchen of Vietnamese families. The advantages of this material are extremely good, durable, long life and beautiful smooth surface, the size of wooden cutting boards is also extremely diverse. That is why the product is quite popular in the market.

CUONG QUOC PHAT is a company specializing in the production of wooden cutting boards in large quantities for domestic and export markets.

We always choose standard input materials to create quality wooden cutting boards for export to other countries and beautiful and diverse designs according to the requirements of customers.

The cooperation between customers and Cuong Quoc Phat will be more convenient and effective, faster when both sides create the best conditions for each other.

Customers need to pay attention to the following details, Cuong Quoc Phat will provide a quote on schedule, produce the right model and deliver the product to the customer in the shortest time.

As follows:

  • Provide all information about the type of wood that the customer wants to produce for the type of cutting board you want to buy, the manufacturer will bring you the right and most satisfactory product, the clearer the information, the better the product quality. .
  • The exact number of units also needs to be announced at the first time of the agreement. This helps the factory to take the initiative in time as well as allocate work and arrange the most reasonable process.
  • Customers need cutting boards early or late, urgent or normal to ask the factory to deliver on time.
  • The light image, color, and size of the cutting board should also be provided correctly, meeting all requirements, it is best to have a design file attached.
  • Prices and payment methods are clear, open and transparent in the contract.
  • The requirements are to see the standards and certificates that the products produced by the factory are achieved after completion.
  • The requirements for samples, testing, and experience before making a decision to import goods.
  • Notice the company logo on the product, the packaging process requirements, or any other special requirements if any


With the motto of action "Trust - Dedication - Development", we believe that you will be satisfied when cooperating with us.

Thank you very much for your support and companionship in the past time, and we look forward to continuing to cooperate in the near future!


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